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Us Dynamics corporation Environmental Testing:

U.S. Dynamics Corporation has extensive in-house environmental testing capabilities to insure that the products we repair meet the temperature, altitude, vibration and humidity requirements for the military and aerospace operating environment. Let U.S. Dynamics support your legacy and mature depot repair requirements with our talented staff of engineers and technical associates.

In-house Environmental Testing Capabilities


Russels RBH-35-10-10-A/C, 27 CU FT, Temperature/Altitude Chamber
Altitude - 0 - 150,000 ft
Labview Capable

Tenney 12ST100/350, 12.5 CU FT, Temperature/Altitude Chamber
Altitude 0 - 60,000 ft

Thermotron F-62-CHV-25-25/ECA, 61 CU FT, Temperature Chamber
Vibration Capability

Thermoton S16 MiniMax, 15.5 CU FT, Temperature Chamber

Associated HK-5108, * CU FT, Temperature/Humidity Chamber

LDS Model V810 Vibration Table - 3 Axis

In-house testing includes:

MOOG Rotary Variable Differential Transformer (RVDT)

An electromechanical transducer that provides a variable alternating current (AC) output voltage that is linearly proportional to the angular displacement of its input shaft. When energized with a fixed AC source, the output signal is linear within a specified range over the angular displacement.

RVDT’s utilize brushless, non-­‐contacting technology to ensure long-­‐life and reliable, repeatable position sensing with infinite resolution. Such reliable and repeatable performance assures accurate position sensing under the most extreme operating conditions.

Moog offers seven frequency optimized RVDT’s in a basic size 8 configured housing. Each is designed to operate at a specific frequency. Frequency optimization provides the benefit of an increased operating range of angular displacement with a reduction in sensor size and weight.

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